New Website

New Website

Hey There! Welcome to my brand new website! As you can see, the site has changed substantially, I am using a brand new tech-stack, design and general approach for writing project details or blog posts. In this post I will be going over these different changes and why I made them.

Tech Stack

The previous site was build in plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript, with the addition of Bootstrap and jQuery for styling and functionality. I build that website back in January 2020, I didn't have much web development experience at the time. But I was keen to learn and build something. I guess some things never change ;).

This website is build using Deno, Fresh and TailwindCSS, I am quite interested in the development of Deno and their web framework Fresh, although I don't think it is suitable for big production projects. Smaller websites or services like this portfolio or my Emby Recap project fit well in the design of the product. The setup is quick and minimalistic and development is fast, both in development speed and actual needed compute power. However, the support of (third party) components and utilities is extremely limited in comparison with a well established framework like React or even Vue. Component libraries or even a different CSS engine then TailWindCSS isn't current available to my knowledge. Kind of like the early Deno days, if you need something you have to publish a package yourself.

The homepage is quite simple and doesn't use any special elements. But I wanted to do something different for the Project / Blog pages. I came across littlesticks' fresh-blog project through the Fresh Showcase where they were rendering markdown files into HTML using gfm. I ended up doing something similar, implementing it in a way that each project has its own data folder containing everything for that project. This includes any images or other assets.


We have a brand new design! Finally, no more Bootstrap, endless scrolling to read projects and limited project customization due to the fact that everything was displayed on the home page. This new design brings a lot of changes, most of the styling uses TailWindCSS, but the project pages use a customized version of Github's Primer styling. This is mostly because of some technical reasons. But while developing the website I started to like the readability and simplicity of the Primer styling.

Unlike the previous website, I actually designed (part) of the website before coding it. I used Figma to design the home page, I didn't end up designing the project pages, but I copied some elements of the homepage while all headers, paragraphs and images are mostly using Primer styling. The illustrations seen on the home page of the website are made by Lukasz Adam, who provides free illustrations for personal and commercial use. I am by no means a designer, especially not for illustrations, so I am very happy that was able to use these illustrations.

Screenshot of Figma with the website design


As you can see, the website has changed a lot. But why did I change it? Well, as mentioned in previous "legacy" posts, changing the design and used technology of the website has been on my mind since July 2021, I wanted to use some new technologies that I actually use in my day to day life. In April of 2022 I also came to realize that I wanted to be able to write longer, more detailed projects. Something that the previous website was never meant to do.

This website, like the one before, is a fun exercise for me. Not necessarily from a technical standpoint, but more from a writing standpoint. As you might know I primarily speak Dutch, so writing down my projects in English is a fun and meaningful way for me to develop my English writing skills. In addition to that, I have discovered that having a history of my project is fun to look back on. And it is a great way to show my skills to others.


The website has changed a lot, and it is bound to change some more. I still have to add a section showing my experience and skills, but I am not sure how I want to do that yet. I am excited to see how this website will develop over time.

Legacy Posts

Well, here we are, with a dilemma. I have a bunch of old project posts from the old website. Which don't fit into the new design at all. But of course I don't want to delete them. i have created a special project post for these legacy posts. You can find them here.

Created: December 30, 2023

Last edit: December 30, 2023